We do not wish to share

The article Cytotoxic T cells modulate inflammation and endogenous opioid analgesia in chronic arthritis contains a statement that I don’t recall seeing before:

Availability of data and materials

We do not wish to share our data at this moment.

This seems odd for an open-access article, published by a “big on open-access” publisher:

However, according to the BMC policy on open data:

Question: Do authors need to publish more data than they publish already?
Response: We are not requiring authors to publish more of their data. The Open Data policy only affects data authors choose to submit to our journals for open access publication…

Which might be interpreted as: data that you choose to submit should be open, but you can choose not to submit any data.

Part of me admires that the authors are at least up front about it. But I think the obvious response is “we do not wish to trust your findings at this moment”.

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