I’m Neil Saunders, a data scientist and bioinformatician based in Sydney, Australia. I’m currently employed as a data scientist in the NSW Department of Education, following a stint as a data scientist with a healthcare technology start-up.

Before that, I worked:

I find an increasing proportion of my time is spent discussing ways in which web technology can facilitate communication and data sharing between researchers. A lot of this happens here and at many other social networks.

Any opinions expressed here are mine, not those of my employer.

The blog
In general, I don’t go back and revise old posts. If you’ve come here via a Google search for PHP background processes, YouTube sound in Firefox or installing Ubuntu from a USB stick, be aware that these (and similar) posts are out of date and probably no longer relevant. Think about the date of the post before leaving a comment.

If you’re commenting for the first time, your comment will go to a moderation queue. Once approved, future comments should appear straight away. Be aware that comments containing multiple URLs frequently require approval or worse, fall into the spam queue.

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