Add FriendFeed comments and likes to posts using Ruby

The problem
FriendFeed aggregates your blog posts from Naturally, people prefer to comment on your post at FriendFeed – it’s quicker, easier and more fun. However, you would like to see an indication of this activity back at the original blog post.

The solutions
You could self-host your blog using software from This allows you to install plugins such as FriendFeed comments. But you’re at because you don’t want to self-host, right? So you just have to live with the absence of useful plugins. My advice: don’t try discussing issues like this one in the forums unless you’re the kind of person who enjoys comment threads at YouTube.

For intelligent, mature and constructive discussion go to FriendFeed of course, where Lars writes:

How hard would it be to make a web service that reads the RSS feed from you blog, accesses FriendFeed via the API, identifies comments on FriendFeed related to your blog posts, and reposts them on your blog? If you want to, you could also keep track of “likes”…

Lets find out – using Ruby!
Read the rest… storage

The nice people here at have upgraded our storage to 3 GB, for free. Storage of certain file types (video, audio) still requires a paid upgrade – which seems a little odd, but is not an issue for me.

If you’re thinking about starting up a blog and don’t want to host it yourself, there are plenty of options these days. I’ve had an excellent experience here at WordPress and would certainly recommend them to you.