The Life Scientists at FriendFeed: 2009 summary

The Life Scientists

The Life Scientists 2009

It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and so I declare the year over. My Christmas gift to you is a summary of activity in 2009 at the FriendFeed Life Scientists group. It’s crafted using R + Ruby, with raw data and some code snippets available. If you want to see the most popular items from the group this year, head down to the bottom of this post.

(Note: this post is a work in progress)
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FriendFeed Life Scientists: 14-day summary

Since I haven’t posted for 14 days, what better (and lazier) way to post something than to surf over to a 14-day summary from the Life Scientists Group and link to the top ten items!

  1. Review process files in the EMBO Journal – but why only for “the majority of papers”?
  2. How XML threatens Big Data. Or not. How JSON might be an alternative – or not.
  3. Solve any computer problem – with this classic XKCD flowchart.
  4. Science reviews the revolution in ‘strategic scientific reading’ – are they way behind the curve, or providing a useful summary for the uninitiated?
  5. Best practice in microbial genome annotation – spirited discussion on the nature of best bioinformatics practice.
  6. FriendFeed Life Scientists user survey – no further word on whether this will happen.
  7. 50 Years of Structure – link to a JMB review on the early days of structural biology.
  8. Reflections on Science Online London 2009
  9. Workflow tools that speak SOAP?
  10. Advice on cleaning up a protein sample – a nice example of useful discussion from the group.

Who knows, this could become a semi-regular feature.