A small achievement

Moving to a new group and a new project is always difficult. However, one of the better aspects of being a bioinformatician is that you can often contribute to other projects – which can be a bonus when your own are not progressing so well.

I’m happy to announce:

Thakur, A.S., Robin, G., Guncar, G., Saunders, N.F.W., Newman, J., Martin, J.L. and Kobe, B. (2007). Improved Success of Protein Crystallization Sparse Matrix Screening with Heterogeneous Nucleating Agents. PLoS ONE 2:e1091. Open Access

My contribution was very minor; some writing and a little statistical evaluation (although the method that I had in mind didn’t make it to the final version). The take-home message is: if your protein won’t crystallise, try throwing some dried seaweed into the mix! It’s not ground-breaking stuff but it’s solid enough, so we decided it was ideal for PLoS ONE, which gives us the added warmth and fuzziness of supporting OA publishing.