First publication for a while: a review of nuclear localization

Thanks to my former colleagues at UQ for involving me with:

Marfori, M., Mynott, A., Ellis, J.J., Mehdid, A.M., Saunders, N.F.W., Curmi, P.M., Forwood, J.K., Bodén, M. and Kobe, B. (2010)
Molecular basis for specificity of nuclear import and prediction of nuclear localization.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Molecular Cell Research: in press – uncorrected proof.

A real group effort this one; I made a small contribution to Section 3 – Nuclear localization databases and computational tools to predict nuclear localization.

Note that this version is an uncorrected proof and may change slightly before full publication. If nuclear localization is your thing, I think you’ll enjoy it; it’s a pretty comprehensive review.