Linux tip: forward email from M$ Exchange Server to GMail

My work email has migrated to M$ Exchange Server, with M$ Outlook Web Access. Eurgh. No more POP3 retrieval to my GMail account.

I restored sanity using an Ubuntu server as follows. Needless to say, this requires that (a) the exchange server allows IMAP access and (b) the SMTP server for your machine will relay mail outside of your domain.

Updated: to do it all via procmailrc, without .forward
Updated: to poll folders other than Inbox
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When it’s obvious to you but not to…anyone else

Do you know this feeling? You’ve been trialling a software package or online service for years. You think it’s great, so do your online community friends and you finally decide to share the love with your work colleagues. As soon as you do so, they discover a usage issue that you’ve never even thought about. It completely ruins the experience for them and makes your beloved application look like a piece of crap.

This keeps happening to me with Google and a large part of the problem concerns email addresses and Google accounts.
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