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Flickr slideshow in WordPress.com using Vodpod

Not work-related but fun: How to embed a flickr slideshow in WordPress.com using Vodpod. Vodpod is new to me and quite amazing; I imagine this method will allow you to post any Flash with embed code as a video.

As an example, a slideshow of Lane Cove images from my Flickr account.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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My first greasemonkey script

Seems almost compulsory for web2.0 enthusiasts to write a brief greasemonkey article these days!

Here’s my attempt. Nothing whatsoever to do with bioinformatics; instead, this one resizes Flickr images on Profilactic mashup pages, such as this one. My aim is just to convince you that greasemonkey development is quite easy, even for JavaScript novices like myself.
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