Now officially living in my browser

firefox screenshot Firefox screenshot, from left to right:

  • Vertical tabs, courtesy of Vertigo – because you can never have too many tabs
  • Main window: the feeds roll into GReader
  • On the right, almost all the functionality of FriendFeed (except search) in fantastic new extension MySocial 24×7
  • On the right? Yes, because sidebars look better on the right IMHO, made possible by MultiSidebar

Tenuous bioinformatics connection: well, you work more effectively if you’re happy with your browser setup ;)

OpenOffice Google Docs extension

More reasons to use both Google Docs and OpenOffice: the OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs extension. Allows you to upload from OO to Google Docs or download from Google Docs to OO. Requires that your JRE is set up correctly in OO and is Java 6.

Without realising it I’ve become a big user of Google Docs, mostly by importing from GMail attachments. On rare occasions I find the 500 KB maximum file size to be a problem – I’d suggest 1 MB is a more sensible maximum – but it does encourage people to keep embedded content out of their text documents.

On the topic of word processor alternatives, AbiWord has come a long way and now boasts a seriously-useful plugin list.