At a complete (Rails) loss

I’ve been banging my head against the wall for almost a week with a Rails application. This post is not a plea for help – I’d use a forum for that – just a record of the problem. That said, feel free to comment, especially if you have a similar problem.

This is all using Rails 2.3.2, Mongrel 1.1.5, installed as gems on Ubuntu 9.04.

The basic issue: 2 models, 2 controllers, 2 sets of views. Identical in almost every respect, little more than basic CRUD (index, create, update, destroy). (1) works, (2) does not.

Update – thanks for your comments, here and elsewhere. In the end I rebuilt from scratch with scaffolding and it’s all good so far. Guess there was something rogue in my hand-crafted code.
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