Syntax highlighting of R code at

If your WordPress blog is hosted at (like this one), you may know that source code in posts is formatted and highlighted using a shortcode, as explained here.

Until recently, R was not on the list of supported languages (neither was Perl), but I noticed today that both of them are now supported. This may have happened months ago and I just wasn’t aware of it. I spent a merry hour or so updating my old posts in the R category, so the code should now feature pretty colours. Let me know if you spot any errors that I may have introduced inadvertently.

I guess this is in some sense recognition that R is now used quite widely and that usage is growing.

The laziest blog post ever: 2010 here, in review

Over the holiday, I received an email from WordPress, containing a brief statistical summary of activity at this blog in 2010. Their automated procedures aren’t quite infallible: busiest day was 3 016 views, not 3, but they’ve done a reasonable job.

Even better, they’ve compiled the results into a draft blog post, ready for publishing. So here it is! Thanks, WordPress.

Normal service with original content will resume in due course.
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Where next for this blog?

It’s apparent that my activity at this blog has been on a downward-slope for some time. I currently post about once a month and when I do, it’s more likely to be a rant about some social network/web2.0 application than about bioinformatics.

So the question is what to do about it.
Update: thanks for the many, rapid and helpful responses. The unanimous view was – stay here, keep blogging. So that’s what it will be!
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Temporary blogging hiatus

I’m now immersed in the process of moving from Brisbane to Sydney (with no new accommodation as yet), in preparation for my new role at CSIRO starting March 2.

Consequently, it will be quiet here for at least a couple of weeks. I’ll be sending the occasional tweet and the odd item to FriendFeed, but nothing substantial until home internet is up and running again.

Anniversary #2

Managed to fly through my blog anniversary.

August 2 marks two years here at Stats as of now: 677 posts, 10 pages, 49 categories, 255 tags, 1,128 approved comments and 67,184 spam comments (!).

Blogging has really dropped off in the past few months, but I have some ideas about that. Stay tuned, thanks for reading and commenting.

Post-vacation random picks

RSS feeds are very much “here and now” sources of information, aren’t they? Monitoring them as they come in is no problem at all but if you’re away for a week or two, they lose their immediacy, leading to much “marking as read”.

Anyway – a few that caught my eye on this first day back at work:

It’s taken me a while, but I finally figured out the difference between starring (mark as important for later) and sharing (mark as important for others) in Google Reader! Both one-click operations too. I’m quite dense sometimes. Anyway, here are my shared items – also available as a right-sidebar widget at this blog.

That’s several thousand feed items and 150 emails dealt with – back to work I guess. New Zealand, by the way, is impossibly scenic, spectacular and beautiful. Do go there if you can.