Bio::Blogs #13

bioblogs_logo1.jpgWelcome aboard – it’s edition #13 of Bio::Blogs, the monthly compendium of bioinformatics and computational biology highlights from around the blogosphere. It’s a bumper edition this month with 28 posts in all from 18 blogs. Thanks to everyone who submitted posts.

As with previous editions, this one has a PDF version for your offline enjoyment. I’ve contacted almost all the bloggers to make sure that they are happy if their posts are reproduced and nobody objected. All posts in the PDF are fully attributed with hyperlinks – we don’t want anyone to think that we’re stealing their work for some sort of dubious publication. If I didn’t contact you and you do object, get in touch. Here it is then: Bio::Blogs #13 PDF (760 KB). Please save the forests by printing double-sided.

Let’s get into it.
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