University-hosted blogs

This is what I love about the web – the way you start off “here” and end up “there”.

Up pops an interesting headline in my Google Reader – A Great Example of Fun, from Science in the Open over at openwetware. I follow the links to this post on a fun GFP experiment, at Life of a Lab Rat.

Then I look at the URL. Sydney University? Follow it back and I find myself at Blogs dot Usyd. “Blogs dot Usyd is a showcase for blogs that support the research and other projects of University staff.”

Good on them. There I was thinking that Australian academia was way too backward for this science 2.0 stuff :)

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Fungal collage

FungiThere’s a lot to love about Fraser Island. Its original name, K’gari, means paradise and they weren’t wrong. One feature that you won’t read about in the tourist brochures is an incredible variety of colourful fungi.

This collage illustrates a few that we encountered on our travels (click for full-size). I’d like to claim it as my own, but it’s the work of my talented better half.

Maybe the fungal genomes crew can put a name to some of them?