Hiatus, indefinite

May. No blog posts yet in 2016. “What’s going on Neil?” asked no-one at all. For anyone who may be wondering…

Last November, I resigned from my position with my previous employer after almost 7 years. Just before Christmas, I was offered a position as a data scientist with a Sydney-based healthcare technology start-up. I started working there in early January and so far, it has been a terrific experience. Had I known how enjoyable it could be, I would have made a move like this 10 years ago. Career advice: there are many more jobs that can engage scientists and utilise their skills than academic research.

So what does that mean for this blog? It means that I’m no longer a researcher, at least in the narrow sense that science would use that word. It means that the things I learn during a working day are unlikely to translate into blog posts of broader interest (confidentiality issues not withstanding). And quite frankly, given where I’m at in my life (balancing working for a startup with raising my family), it means that I no longer have time to write regular blog posts.

Like a band that never officially breaks up, I’m not ready to declare the end just yet. So I’m placing the blog “on hiatus”, indefinitely. I’ll still be active online, which right now mostly means Twitter.

12 thoughts on “Hiatus, indefinite

  1. Dear Neil,
    I was wondering what’s going on. Best wishes for your “new” life.
    It seems that you are pushing me where I didn’t want go, Twitter.

  2. Thanks for all the great posts in the past. As a Bioinformatics PhD student, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog If you ever have time to write about transitioning from academic bioinformatics research to data science you have at least 1 reader!

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading through your archives (still do).
    Will keep an eye on your twitter feed…

  4. Great decision. Life is too short to stay at place where you are not happy.
    Your blogs are very very informative and millions thanks for writing them.
    Best wishes

  5. 100% agreement on “there are many more jobs that can engage scientists” :) Good luck in the new environment and keep tweeting!

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