A minor update to my “apply functions” post

One of my more popular posts is A brief introduction to “apply” in R. Come August, it will be four years old. Technology moves on, old blog posts do not.

So: thanks to BioStar user zx8754 for pointing me to this Stack Overflow post, in which someone complains that the code in the post does not work as described. The by example is now fixed.

Side note: I often find “contact the author” is the most direct approach to solving this kind of problem ;) always happy to be contacted.

2 thoughts on “A minor update to my “apply functions” post

  1. Sorry, would have contacted you but a) the comments on the post were closed b) I came to the post via Google and it wasn’t clear to me how to contact you (I could no doubt have found this out with some more digging but…) and c) I wasn’t sure if it was something I was doing that was wrong – I wasn’t complaining that it didn’t work, I was asking why I couldn’t get it to work.

    • No need to apologise, not a problem. Comments close automatically on very old posts and I’m a bit cagey about contact via e.g. email due to spammers. Twitter (@neilfws) is a good method.

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