Lazy post: a Life Scientists best-of

When stuck for ideas or pressed for time, a blogger can always fall back on a round-up of activity from elsewhere on the web. Yes, it’s time for a “best of the past 14 days” from the FriendFeed Life Scientists group.

Just a slight twist to make it more exciting (?) – we’ll automate the process using the API and a little Ruby.

require "rubygems"
require "json/pure"
require "open-uri"

bestof = JSON.parse(open("").read)
0.upto(9) {|entry|
  url = bestof['entries'][entry]['url']
  body = bestof['entries'][entry]['body']
  puts "<li><a href='#{url}'>ff#{entry+1}</a> - #{body}</li>"

Run, copy output and paste to your blog post editor. Result:

  1. ff1 – A Farewell to Scienceblogs: the Changing Science Blogging Ecosystem…
  2. ff2 – Please Sir, I want some more Science! « O’Really? –…
  3. ff3 – Humans continue to evolve.…
  4. ff4 – I have just received an email about a proposal to fix "peer review system by requiring authors to ‘pay’ for their submissions with credits ‘earned’ by performing reviews." The description entitled "Pubcreds: Fixing the Peer Review Process by ‘Privatizing’ the Reviewer Commons" by Jeremy Fox and Owen L. Petchey is attached. I’ll paste the abstract…
  5. ff5 – For those of you running labs or supervising others, do you have training routines in place to smooth the transition of new people?
  6. ff6 – The private beta of the Stackexchange Q/A site for Statistics has opened, and there are already some great contributions. If you signed up, go here to check out the site: If you didn’t sign up, no worries – it’ll open to the public in a week.
  7. ff7 – Protein function: how do we know that we know what we know?…
  8. ff8 – Machine Learning :: MLcomp . [free website for objectively comparing machine learning algorithms across datasets for multiple problem domains] + Google Prediction API –
  9. ff9 – Science 2.0 Wiki and collborative writing tools set up:
  10. ff10 – PLoS ONE: Sexual Experience Promotes Adult Neurogenesis in the Hippocampus Despite an Initial Elevation in Stress Hormones –…