Dear Google

I think you’re a pretty good company. I like many of your products and use them daily, for work and at home. I admire many of your innovations and technical solutions.

But this Buzz thing. You’ve really messed up. Two points:

  1. Social networks should always be opt-in. Never, never opt-out. I choose whether to join in the first place. If I do join, I choose who to connect with, what to share and who can see it. And I expect complete control over the entire process, from the outset.
  2. My list of email contacts is not a social network. It’s a list of people with whom I’ve corresponded by email at least once. That’s all they have in common. Furthermore, there’s a big difference between them exposing their public profiles and me exposing their presence in my address book.

I am normally an enthusiastic, early-adopter of new web tools and a pretty “tech-savvy” individual. Yet Buzz has me confused, annoyed and eager to disable it as fast as I can. It’s not me, it’s you.

I hope that you put more thought into how your next release might impact your users.

3 thoughts on “Dear Google

  1. Can’t agree more. It’s very disappointing to see such a great company being suddently so wrong. I can’t believe they did it on purpose.
    The main issue is that a significant portion of my e-life is hosted by Google, and if they break the high level of confidence I gave them, I’ll quickly consider moving most of it to different locations. They have to seriously reconsider their position, fast…

  2. I’m with you and @Nicolas. On the verge of leaving employment, I’ve been setting up a GMail identity. Now I’m re-thinking that; I can still move relatively easily, and maybe I’m better paying $50 a year for a service without such a crassly insensitive approach to privacy. And I’ll certainly NOT experiment with Google Chrome. “Do no evil” huh?

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