FriendFeed Life Scientists: 14-day summary

Since I haven’t posted for 14 days, what better (and lazier) way to post something than to surf over to a 14-day summary from the Life Scientists Group and link to the top ten items!

  1. Review process files in the EMBO Journal – but why only for “the majority of papers”?
  2. How XML threatens Big Data. Or not. How JSON might be an alternative – or not.
  3. Solve any computer problem – with this classic XKCD flowchart.
  4. Science reviews the revolution in ‘strategic scientific reading’ – are they way behind the curve, or providing a useful summary for the uninitiated?
  5. Best practice in microbial genome annotation – spirited discussion on the nature of best bioinformatics practice.
  6. FriendFeed Life Scientists user survey – no further word on whether this will happen.
  7. 50 Years of Structure – link to a JMB review on the early days of structural biology.
  8. Reflections on Science Online London 2009
  9. Workflow tools that speak SOAP?
  10. Advice on cleaning up a protein sample – a nice example of useful discussion from the group.

Who knows, this could become a semi-regular feature.