Where next for this blog?

It’s apparent that my activity at this blog has been on a downward-slope for some time. I currently post about once a month and when I do, it’s more likely to be a rant about some social network/web2.0 application than about bioinformatics.

So the question is what to do about it.
Update: thanks for the many, rapid and helpful responses. The unanimous view was – stay here, keep blogging. So that’s what it will be!

Options include:

  1. Nothing; just let it slide, don’t worry and post when I have something to say
  2. Declare this blog closed and focus on other activities
  3. Declare this blog closed and start afresh elsewhere, with good intentions

Option (3) entails a move to a hosting platform that allows for more customisation; so as I can, for example, aggregate content from other services (and so write less). WordPress.com is not good at this, but I don’t have the time or energy for self-hosting – which I suppose leaves Blogger as the only option.

Thoughts welcome.

9 thoughts on “Where next for this blog?

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Post when something strikes your fancy and won’t fit in 140 characters or less. There’s FriendFeed already aggregating everything else.

    I suppose there’s a missing option of “Join forces with a fellow blogger with a site closely configured to what you’d like.” There are lots of bloggers in The Life Scientists; I’m sure a few of them would be interested in a collaborative blog.

  2. There’re quite a few types of science-related blogs – maybe it’s enough to change the approach, the final form, to gain some freshness? Jean-Claude has a research/opinion blog, Deepak has open questions/what-I-need-to-think-about blog, while Iddo publishes polished essays. Different form, but still life sciences.

    The idea Chris mentioned sounds interesting too.

  3. If it ain’t broke… or, what everyone else said. RSS + FriendFeed means that posting frequency isn’t much of a factor in anything any more.

  4. I’m with people on the #1 option. Like Ben says, it’s not like we’ll stop reading with the magic of RSS.

  5. I’d go with just posting whenever you have something to say. We all have you in Google Reader or equivalent. I’m also one of those bloggers who haven’t been blogging much these days — but after talking to Elio of “Small Things Considered” at a meeting this weekend, maybe I’ll get back into it eventually.

  6. I suggest to just keep on blogging when you have the time. Most people use RSS aggregators so we will see it when it comes. The collaborative blog idea is a good one too, as long as the focus was somewhat constrained.

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