Our ISMB 2008 conference report

In a nutshell: we went to ISMB 2008, had a great time and live-blogged the meeting using this FriendFeed room. The nice people at ISCB were so impressed that they asked us to write up a report.

So here it is. FriendFeed life scientists might recognise some (or all) of the author names.

Saunders, N., Beltrão, P., Jensen, LJ, Jurczak, D., Krause, R., Kuhn, M. and Wu, S. (2009).
Microblogging the ISMB: A New Approach to Conference Reporting.
PLoS Comput Biol 5(1): e1000263

This is a highlight of my career to date. Thanks are due: to the authors (especially Roland who got it all started); to everyone who contributed at the ISMB 2008 room; and to BJ Morrison and Phil Bourne for their support in making this happen.

3 thoughts on “Our ISMB 2008 conference report

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    Pedro Beltrao said:
    How cool is that :)

    Neil Saunders said:
    very cool indeed :)

    Pierre said:
    Great !

    Simon Cockell said:
    this is the best thing i’ve seen all week

    Allyson Lister said:
    Fantastic – congrats! makes me wish that I had been able to make it to ISMB this year – perhaps should try something similar at BioSysBio (http://conferences.theiet.org/biosysbio/) in March… :) Anyone else going?

    Thomas Lemberger said:
    Congrats! BTW “the ISMB 2008 room is a permanent, searchable archive “: any idea how permanent this is? Does FF really provide long-term archival?

    Lars Juhl Jensen said:
    Thomas, I guess the short answer is that FriendFeed is as permanent as everything else on the web ;)

    Christina Pikas said:
    @Lars – actually, no. GPO, STM publishers, other entities make strong commitments backed up by transparent technical details about permanence of stuff online. FF does not do this. I think this is a real concern.

    D0r0th34 said:
    yes, somebody should push back on that if possible

    Deepak said:
    I don’t think anyone is talking about long term digital archival here, but it’s something to talk to the Friendfeed folks about. Does the API allow you to take an XML dump of an entire room? I will argue that it is more accessible in the medium term that other digital archives.

    D0r0th34 said:
    How can you know that, Deepak? 2.0 services are dying like flies in a room full of bugbombs. FF could be gone tomorrow.

    Deepak said:
    Agreed, hence the question on the XML dump. I don’t believe is anyone looking at FF with that expectation yet. Now, can the library community use the APIs to leverage the data and archive it. FF needs to make sure their APIs allow you to do that

    Lars Juhl Jensen said:
    The ISMB-2008 room has hereby been put into the archival queue on webcitation.org

    Michael Kuhn said:
    Case in point: http://ma.gnolia.com/ went down today, bookmarks may be lost completely. So we better get a backup…

    Maxine said:
    Connotea.org, for a bookmark back-up?

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