New year, new job: farewell postdoc treadmill, hello (again) Sydney!

I’ve signed the contract and told the boss. So, for those of you who expressed interest, here are the details of my latest career move.

My new job title as of March 1 will be Statistical Bioinformatician. I’ll be based in CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences. This is a division of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, the Australian National Science agency.

I’ll be involved with the Bioinformatics in health and medicine program. To quote from the original job advertisment:

We seek someone who can work at the interface of molecular biology and the information sciences to increase the insights obtainable from high-throughput measurement platforms in biology, with particular focus on biomarker discovery and genomics.

I’m excited. The research is an exact match for my interests, the job comes with a handy pay rise (which will promptly be swallowed by relocation – see later) and best of all the tenure is “indefinite” – which is to say, permanent, provided I pass the probationary period. Finally of course, I escape the academic research environment which has been a source of deep dissatisfaction for far too many years.

Those are the pros – any cons? Of course, life means compromises. I’ll be relocating from Brisbane back to Sydney (North Ryde – Google Map). I’ve become tremendously fond of Queensland and Brisbane over these past three years and enjoyed a high quality of life in a vibrant, forward-looking relaxed city. Sydney is a tired, crowded, dirty old town by comparison, with terrible public transport, the worst infrastructure of any comparable city and the prospect of a doubling in rent. Yet it’s a love/hate thing – I did live happily there for 6 years, there’s as much to enjoy as there is to annoy and it feels like home. So there’ll be some mental adjustments, but nothing too severe.

I’m unsure as yet what this means for my online activities. I don’t see any conflict with the new job, but there may be changes at this blog. Whether they will entail less posts, no posts, a change of emphasis, a move to a new format (e.g. a wiki) or just a more focused approach – time will tell.

I’ll be on the move (and online only sporadically) from mid-February. Here’s to new challenges!

7 thoughts on “New year, new job: farewell postdoc treadmill, hello (again) Sydney!

  1. Well, congrats on the new move. And with academia so screwy, it’s nice to find a position where your work will hopefully still fulfill your intellectual interests.

  2. Congratulations on the new job! Best of luck with the move, and hope you’re able to continue hanging out online. :)

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