Spreading the message, a few minds at a time

Given my passion for online science networking, it’s surprising that I’ve never given a talk on the subject [1]. So a big thank you to William who invited me over to his institute for an informal chat about the topic with a small group of staff.

I learned that:

  • A good quote from an internet guru goes down well
  • Everyone loves an xkcd cartoon
  • Many biologists still don’t know what an RSS feed is

My slides are embedded, below or visit Slideshare – best viewed full screen.

1. Oh wait, I work in a university

3 thoughts on “Spreading the message, a few minds at a time

  1. Nice. I hope one day the first reaction to ONS will not be “Oh, no – there’s all sorts of wrong with that” but instead will be “That’s a cool idea – how do I do it?”

    Thanks for sharing the slides!

  2. Hi Neil – great presentation – what sort of reaction did you get overall? We are trying to look at promoting social networks for scientists, but it is an uphill struggle. I think there is a general problem with openess and yet science should be all about communication and collaboration. See our smallworlds project: http://smallworldz.wetpaint.com/ for first year PhD students. We were trying to get ’em young!

  3. Jo – presented only to a very small group this time, but they were quite positive. Seemed most interested in blogs and networks as places to “get help”. Very sceptical on open notebook science. Hope to try it out on a bigger sample size soon. Thanks for your link!

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