Genomic analysis of Pseudoalteromonas tunicata

Some years ago, I provided advice and a little analysis for a group at UNSW studying marine bacteria. It’s nice to see that they remembered me:

Thomas, T., Evans, F.F., Schleheck, D., Mai-Prochnow, A., Burke, C., Penesyan, A., Dalisay, D.S., Stelzer-Braid, S., Saunders, N., Johnson, J., Ferriera, S., Kjelleberg, S. and Egan, S. (2008).
Analysis of the Pseudoalteromonas tunicata Genome Reveals Properties of a Surface-Associated Life Style in the Marine Environment.
PLoS ONE 3:e3252.

If correlating genomic features with microbial physiology is your thing, go and check it out. The article is open access, for your pleasure – as are five of my last six efforts, I just noticed.

2 thoughts on “Genomic analysis of Pseudoalteromonas tunicata

  1. Yes, it’s always a nice surprise when you are remembered and given authorship. I’ve found that being involved in so many projects, especially at the earlier bioinformatics stages, your contribution is often forgotten, or deemed technician-like and unworthy of co-authorship.

  2. This is certainly an issue for people like us: what constitutes sufficient contribution for authorship versus acknowledgement. My advice is that if your analysis provided insight that they could not have gained without you, make sure they know about it and push for authorship if need be.

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