Vindication for video

Announced first via FriendFeed (of course), Moshe from JoVE is circulating an email with exciting news. I can’t do better than to quote it here:

JoVE, the video-publication for biological research, was accepted for indexing in PubMed and MEDLINE.

JoVE is the first and only video-publication to be included in these databases maintained by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). The decision was made by the NLM advisory committee, Literature Selection Technical Review Committee, which is composed of the authorities in the field of biomedicine, such as researchers, physicians, editors, health science librarians and historians. This committee evaluates the scientific quality of publications and typically approves only 20-25% of the applications.

Inclusion in PubMed/MEDLINE is a big milestone for JoVE, and for the scientific publishing in general. It demonstrates the official acceptance of new approaches to science communication, such as video online, by the scientific community. Overall, it will increase the interest of the scientists to communicate their findings in video, making biological sciences more transparent and efficient.

Well done to the JoVE team.

One thought on “Vindication for video

  1. Thanks Neil,

    I haven’t seen the email that Moshe is circulating so thanks for posting it’s content online.

    I was in touch with him yesterday though and what he wrote to me is pretty much the same as above.

    Looks like PubMed are indexing the older JoVE content first (as you would imagine) and over the coming weeks, will index the remaining content.

    It stands to reason that hopefully, people are now more likely to consider submitting content to JoVE and the next year in particular should be a very good year for the Journal.

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