Off to ISMB 2008

ISMB 2008 poster

ISMB 2008 poster

The last major international conference that I attended was ISMB 2003. It was – right here in Brisbane, although I was living in Sydney at the time. I have to admit that I haven’t always been proactive when it comes to seeking funds to attend meetings. I’ll admit too that I have mixed feelings about conferences. Many of my best friends are scientists, but there’s something about being in a confined space with several hundred intense, academic types that unsettles me. There’s also the prospect (for Australians) of travelling for 24 hours to reach N. America or Europe.

Tomorrow, I’m jetting off to ISMB 2008 in Toronto. I’m sure that I’ll have a fine time once I get there and look forward to putting faces to those names that I’ve known for some years now. I’ll be standing next to this poster at some point too.

Look out for updates here and most likely, via FriendFeed.

5 thoughts on “Off to ISMB 2008

  1. Hey Neil

    Have a safe flight. Where are you staying in TO? I will send you an email with my contact info, you can call me when possible.

  2. Sadly, I won’t be going to this ISMB because I’m preparing to go to a microbial ecology conference (ISME) in Cairns, Queensland (of all places) next month. It’ll be my first trip to your adopted continent — I won’t make it to Brisbane, unfortunately.

  3. Jonathan – fantastic! I know quite a few people from my old workplace (UNSW) going to ISME. Hope you get some time to enjoy far north Queensland; should be very pleasant (not too hot and humid) that time of year.

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