It’s not every day that a publication in an academic journal devoted to genomics receives wide attention all over the Web. I’m referring of course to:

Mons, B. et al. 2008
Calling on a million minds for community annotation in WikiProteins
Genome Biology 9:R89.

Nor is it every day that one of the “et al.” is a WWW pioneer; in this case a certain J. Wales. I’m looking forward to seeing S. Brin and L. Page in PubMed any day now.

This is important. The early adopters and web technology enthusiasts can evangelise for years about concepts such as community annotation of scientific data using wikis. However, the sad fact is that the majority of researchers in academia will pay no attention whatsoever until the work appears in what they consider a reputable source: i.e. an academic journal. This despite the fact that the readership of most such journals is miniscule compared to the web audience. Go figure.

Wiki Professional is here and of course, Deepak is all over it already.

Update: Euan takes a look at the implementation and is less than impressed.