Life on Mars

Late one evening back in July 1997, I was alone in the lab writing my Ph.D. thesis, several months behind schedule. I fired up the web browser (probably Mosaic in those days) on our single computer and discovered that a tiny rover was about to land on Mars. Live, on the web!

When people use the phrase “web design circa 1996″, this is what they mean. It was all very exciting back then. Up came the first image, in near-real-time. Wow!

I’ve been a Mars geek ever since. Yesterday morning there I was again, except this time I was watching live streaming video of the Phoenix lander. After a near-perfect landing, the science is set to begin and it could be pretty exciting. Phoenix is the first lander since the Viking program to dig into and analyse the Martian surface. If there ever was (or is?) microbial life there, Phoenix has a pretty good shot at finding the signs.

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