Now officially living in my browser

firefox screenshot Firefox screenshot, from left to right:

  • Vertical tabs, courtesy of Vertigo – because you can never have too many tabs
  • Main window: the feeds roll into GReader
  • On the right, almost all the functionality of FriendFeed (except search) in fantastic new extension MySocial 24×7
  • On the right? Yes, because sidebars look better on the right IMHO, made possible by MultiSidebar

Tenuous bioinformatics connection: well, you work more effectively if you’re happy with your browser setup ;)

4 thoughts on “Now officially living in my browser

  1. Neil, many thanks, very valuable!!
    can you also comment on the creatures residing in the right part of your status bar (except greasemonkey)?

  2. @Yaroslav Man, you’re not meant to pay that much attention to the screenshot :)

    But as you ask, bottom-right icons from left to right are: (1) ScribeFire (blog posting), (2) Zotero (reference/bibliography management), (3) Google Notebook extension, (4) Greasemonkey, (5) Fireuploader, (6) Boost Facebook toolbar options, (7) CoComments extension (blog comment threads).

    Thanks for the reminder that I don’t use half of them and should uninstall…

  3. @Pedro – I actually find it less distracting than having Twitter flash at me or keeping a FriendFeed tab open (having it on the right keep it out of my eyes too). This way, I can ignore it until I want to see updates.

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