Bio::Blogs #20

Bio::Blogs #20 is up, over at Pedro’s place. Lots of interesting material from the bioinformatics blogosphere this month, so go and have a read.

As I suspected, now that Pedro is a bright young US postdoc (no doubt working 18 hour days), his time commitments have pushed Bio::Blogs down the priority list. If anyone can help out, or suggest alternatives to the current system of monthly compilation by one person, do get in touch with him at his blog. I wonder if we can use some of the aggregated content at places like FriendFeed or the Nodalpoint news aggregator as an easier way to generate monthly summaries of activity?

2 thoughts on “Bio::Blogs #20

  1. Nodalpoint seems like the ideal place to produce this. Most commented stories make it into Bio::Blogs? Some kind of Nature Preceedings style voting system?

    I think a lot of people who have taken on Bio::Blogs are either very busy PhD students or very busy young post-docs and I know everyone is very keen on their blogging life, but reality will intervene at some point when the choice between paid work/publications or writing about bioinformatics means the latter will get dropped.

    Crowdsourcing this kind of stuff might work better if the silent majority of the crowd have a lower barrier of entry to express their opinion.

  2. I am not working 18h a day ;) I need at least 9 to sleep everyday. It would be best to have some semi automatic way of doing it, maybe the Bioinformatics section in Postgenomics for example.

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