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Been following the Google appengine release via FriendFeed and Twitter (with thanks to @mndoci, @rvidal). A few resources:

In brief: appengine provides infrastructure for developers to host web applications using the same tools that Google uses (notably GFS and a scalable data store termed BigTable). What’s more – there is a free service and anyone with a Google account can sign up for the beta test. Any downsides? It’s Python-only for now, but that’s expected to change.

This is exciting news. I would really like to see some bioinformatics developers try it out and report back with their experiences.

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  2. Yippee !! I got a slot in the beta !!

    Reading over the SDK docs, Appengine looks quite nice so far. It’s nothing like Amazons EC2+S3 (which is mostly amounts to pay-by-the-hour VPS hosting) and much more like a real webapp platform … it’s a bit like Ning, but more comprehensible to me (probably because Appengine uses Python, while Ning uses PHP).

    Now I guess I’d better start writing an app … I might try porting over one of my half finished Turbogears projects …

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  4. too slow!

    in getting an acct that is .. hahah great to see this.. I jus wonder when someone will use appenging for a scientific tool and get published as well…

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  6. As “promised” … a port of one of my Turbogears apps ResolveRef. It was mostly fiddling with JQuery fancy-shmancy web2.0 stuff that slowed me down. If I knew it was a race I would have put more time into it to try and beat pycite out the gate :).

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