Evolution of an idea

It’s great to sit back and watch ideas and software unfold.

Just over a year ago, Euan asked whether anyone was employing AJAX in graphical genome browsers. The old-style “reload on refresh” browsers (UCSC, Gbrowse, Ensembl) were starting to look a bit Web 1.0.

This sparked plenty of discussion, including a pointer to X:Map: a very nice alternative view of Ensembl data using the Google Maps API (update: and of course ajax-ification of Gbrowse).

Jump forward to today and thanks to Euan’s del.icio.us feed via FriendFeed, I discover Genome Projector, which takes the zoom-able Google Maps idea to a new level.

And that’s how social networks let you discover stuff. Brilliant.

6 thoughts on “Evolution of an idea

  1. Ian Holmes

    um, we have been working on ajaxifying GBrowse for some time now… our first attempt (which basically uses the Google Maps pre-rendered-tiles approach) has been posted here for a year or more:


    Version 2.0 includes much more code clientside (so that you can overlay dynamically javascript-generated features on top of pre-rendered tiles) as well as wiki-type features.

    anyway, my point is, we’ve been doing this for a while, and (what’s more) we’re specifically funded to keep working on it! so, don’t forget about us ;)

  2. Larry Helseth

    Spectacular tool! Thanks for helping raise awareness of this valuable resource within the bioinformatics community. Congratulations to the developers for their hard work assembling this data into such a useful format.

  3. nsaunders Post author

    You know, having trialled the service, I have to agree with one of the comments over at Sandra’s blog: it looks pretty, but there’s far less information than other genome browsers and you can’t zoom to sequence level. The first issue is perhaps one of inadequate annotation.

    Still, I do like the visualisation aspect and hopefully “the rest will follow”.

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