Post-vacation random picks

RSS feeds are very much “here and now” sources of information, aren’t they? Monitoring them as they come in is no problem at all but if you’re away for a week or two, they lose their immediacy, leading to much “marking as read”.

Anyway – a few that caught my eye on this first day back at work:

It’s taken me a while, but I finally figured out the difference between starring (mark as important for later) and sharing (mark as important for others) in Google Reader! Both one-click operations too. I’m quite dense sometimes. Anyway, here are my shared items – also available as a right-sidebar widget at this blog.

That’s several thousand feed items and 150 emails dealt with – back to work I guess. New Zealand, by the way, is impossibly scenic, spectacular and beautiful. Do go there if you can.

2 thoughts on “Post-vacation random picks

  1. I like the cut of this Rudd bloke’s jib

    Listening to morning radio is a joy, people have stopped apologising for being Australian. I tell you, it’s like a long dark age has just melted away.

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