Sometimes it takes a while for information to sink in. Having read posts by Bertalan, Deepak and now Frank on the topic of GoPubMed, I finally got around to looking at the site.

If all interfaces to biomedical databases were as good as this, we’d all be happier and more productive. Go and try it out if you haven’t yet done so; it’s a really impressive piece of work.

3 thoughts on “GoPubMed

  1. Thank you for your nice compliment! It is a pleasure to know that people appreciate our work. This is motivating and encouraging.

    Regarding your comment “so you miss the latest articles.” I want to let you know: GoPubMed retrieves all the latest citations from PubMed for a query.

    In addition to manually anotated MeSH terms, GoPubMed also takes GO and MeSH terms found in the free text of the abstract into account.

    The GoPubMed team

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