Better Google Reader sharing?

The comments at Bertalan’s Facebook post pointed me to Feedheads, a Facebook app to share Google Reader items.

Here’s the problem – I don’t share individual items in Google Reader. Most of my tags are public by default (here’s bioinformatics for example) and if I like a post, I star it (and the starred list is public too). These apps for sharing feeds would be much more useful if they aggregated my starred items and/or all posts under a tag, IMHO.

5 thoughts on “Better Google Reader sharing?

  1. I just got into the habit of staring and sharing at the same time when I like something. I think it is just a matter of time before Google Reader implements something like this internally. It would also be nice to be able to send this information to Scintilla. I prefer to read in Google Reader but I would like to have a place where I would get some stats on what a group (lets say the bioinformatic crowd) liked or not.

  2. Neil, you are about 10 orders of magnitude cleverer than me on this technical stuff so I am sure you are going to tell me what I am about to write is stupid. But, nervously, here goes. I signed up to “simply rss” on facebook
    and made one of my three feeds my “Google reader shared items” feed. So this now displays on my Facebook profile page.
    Again, sorry if this is a daft comment indicating I have misunderstood your post.

  3. Maxine, that’s exactly the type of app that I was looking for – great find, thanks!

    I also remembered that I used to have a WordPress sidebar widget which would display any feed, including starred items. Perhaps I should reinstate it.

  4. Wow, glad I could help! I’ll quit while I’m ahead on your sidebar, though, can’t help you there. Typepad, where I have my own (non-work) blog, has just introduced RSS to comments on individual posts, but the whole comments-RSS area is still at a very basic level, I think. (I want a service like co-comment and CoMment (or whatver they were both called — v similar names for two services) set out to be but didn’t work fully, in which I can automatically capture all comment threads in which I’ve participated, in one place.)

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