Does bioinformatics have protocols?

Continuing with my “get involved at Nature Network” theme: Bronwen Dekker has started a thread in the bioinformatics forum. She is interested in compiling protocols for bioinformatics and is looking for a way into the seemingly-infinite mass of available software tools.

I’ve posted a few thoughts there concerning workflows, categories of data and whether bioinformatics even has protocols in the traditional sense. I think that this is an important topic, so go there and contribute to the discussion if you can.

One thought on “Does bioinformatics have protocols?

  1. Actually I would say yes. In many pharmaceutical companies, software apps like Pipeline Pilot and Inforsense are used to capture workflows and lock them down or distribute to a wider audience.

    Back in my first company, we spent our time working out protocols and then generating web services around them which could be used by the scientists.

    Methods such as homology modeling have pretty standardized approaches as well. One could consider those protocols as well.

    I would argue that any “bioinformatics protocol” being used as part of a FDA submission has to be standardized and reproducible, otherwise the FDA will have serious issues with it.

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