Note to self

Never blog at the end of a long, difficult week when tiredness and cynicism have won out against raw enthusiasm.

My thoughts yesterday on JournalFire, an online journal club to promote science discussion, were not at all coherent or insightful, so I took the unusual step of deleting a post. Web initiatives by bright, enthusiastic people should always be welcomed and I hope each and every one of them finds an audience and makes a mark.

Normal service will resume next week.

5 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. In some aspects I agreed with your last post about JournalFire, as I think it it difficult among the scientific community to gather a good readership and to stimulate comments on papers.

    And although you deleted your post, Google Reader never forgets.


  2. FWIW, I didn’t think your post was offensive, or even close. And even if it had been, my own preference is for updates and corrections rather than deletions. (You can see examples all over my blog!) I think that “blogs are conversations” is more than a convenient metaphor, it’s a concise statement of the power of the medium. In meatspace conversation, you don’t get do-overs (deletions), and to claim that opportunity in blogspace seems to me like a violation of the good faith on which the best conversations are built.

    I don’t mean to imply that you’re being underhanded or that you shouldn’t do with your own blog as you please! I’m just arguing for a warts-and-all approach to blogging.

  3. Bill, I agree entirely. I would never delete a post based on unfavourable responses and am always happy to clarify my thoughts in the comments. This particular post just didn’t come out the way I intended, as my mind wasn’t fully engaged at the time and my writing skills not up to standard. I didn’t have time to rework it to my satisfaction, so I took the easy option.

  4. I saw your JournalFire post in Google Reader too and didn’t think there was anything seriously wrong with it. Bill has already said essentially what I came here to say.

    It’s great that you maintain a high standard of posts on your blog, and it’s important to self-censor (I should do a lot more of it). Still, I don’t think your thoughts on JournalFire were any way bad enough to delete. Personally I’d rather see short, less well polished posts like that than not see them at all, but that’s just my preference.

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