ComBio: day 3

More notes and hyperlinks from day 3 of ComBio 2007. Every meeting has a day where interesting stuff is thin on the ground; today was that day.

Classification of leukaemias and colorectal cancers using surface expression profiles.
Richard Christopherson Home page | PubMed search
Interesting talk on classification of AML subtypes using proteomics. Keywords: acute myeloid leukaemia, pan leukocyte marker, antibody array, cell capture.

Mass spectrometry-based discovery and verification of clinical prognostic markers for colorectal cancer.
Mark Molloy Home page | PubMed search
A proteomics workflow for finding cancer biomarkers. Keywords: Concord CRC database, iTRAQ, MRM.

Mapping the regulatory genome.
John Stamatoyannopoulos Home page | PubMed search
Possibly the talk of the conference. Uses incredibly high-throughput DNase-hypersensitivity assays, PCR and Selexa sequencing (17 million reads in 3 days, cost US $5000!) to map regulatory regions in the human genome. They’ve done 1% and think the whole thing is achievable in the next few years. Keywords: chromatin remodelling, DNase I, Selexa, SVM.

Ras plasma membrane signalling platforms.
Sarah Plowman Home page | PubMed search
FLIM-FRET and immunocytology show that K-Ras and H-Ras localise to distinct regions in the plasma membrane. A nice discussion of the K-function for statistical analysis of distributions in EM images. Keywords: Ras, galectin-1, k-function, immunogold, FLIM-FRET.