ComBio: day 2

More notes and hyperlinks from day 2 of ComBio 2007.

A new fluxomics approach: FRET nanosensors for metabolites
Wolf Frommer Home page | PubMed search
Very good talk on the use of FRET sensors to measure intracellular metabolite concentrations in real time. Keywords: FRET, fluxomics, metabolomics, nanosensor.

Peer Bork Home page | PubMed search
A short look at some of the challenges in dealing with metagenomics data. Keywords: metagenomics, molecular ecology, iTOL.

Analysis of protein sequence and interaction data for candidate disease gene prediction.
Richard George Home page | PubMed search
Nice talk on the use of common module profiling and common pathway screening to identify candidate disease genes. Keywords: CMP, CPS, OMIM, OPHID.

The structural basis of ribosome recruitment by a viral IRES RNA.
Jeffrey Kieft Home page | PubMed search
Nice structural study of internal ribosomal entry sites (IRES) and how they co-opt ribosomes. Keywords: IRES, hydroxyl radical probing, cryo EM, tRNA hybrid state.

A single-molecule view of DNA replication
Samir Hamdan Home page | PubMed search
Biophysical single-molecule techniques used to study the T7 replisome. Discussed 2 models for replication loop release. Keywords: T7 DNA polymerase, DNA flow stretching.

Disrupting your Hollidays: homologous replication in the Archaea
Charles Bond Home page | PubMed search
Structural study of archaeal Rad51 homologues. Keywords: Sulfolobus solfataricus, RecA, RadA, Rad51, strand invasion.

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