On the road: ComBio 2007

Heading off to Sydney today for ComBio 2007. It’s the annual meeting of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and usually features a wide-ranging program including some bioinformatics, “-omics” and structural biology. I’m looking forward to a couple of talks from overseas guest Peer Bork this year. On a personal note, Sydney was home for 6 years, so I’m looking forward to spending time there.

Previous experience has shown that freely-available internet access of any kind is unlikely at ComBio (despite being held in a convention centre with great wireless facilities), so blogging may be sporadic. Furthermore, as the meeting is in the heart of the Sydney CBD, we are informed that “accordingly, lunches do not need to be provided”. No wonder tourists complain that Sydney is an expensive place. I’m beginning to wonder exactly what’s covered by the registration fee!