Google Docs now with Presentations

The title of the post says it all, really. The news is slowly making its way through the tech blogs.

I just tried uploading a file saved as Powerpoint (ugh) from OpenOffice. First attempt – server error. Second attempt – success. On the whole, the import preserved formatting pretty well, except for some text formatting (spacing changes, tab stops vanish). Two attempts to display the online slideshow have resulted in a black window with no slides. Oh, and you can only save as zipped HTML.

Early days – let’s hope they iron out the bugs and introduce OpenOffice import/export soon.

2 thoughts on “Google Docs now with Presentations

  1. Early days indeed. I was surprised that it started out with so little functionalities. Google page creator looks more like a presentation tool than this one. I would only create one directly there if I have no time to do in on a offline app.
    I think powerpoint is one of the few things I still like about Microsoft office :) I know this might sound bad ;), but the tools it has to make good looking slides are really ahead of open office.

  2. Really?
    I find powerpoint bloated and all the fancy stuff breaks down when u open in a different version of ppt.
    even mac and winxp ppts can’t agree with each other sometimes.

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