SciVee: first impressions

I’ve been busy the past few days and not paying full attention to the information stream from the web, but I kept seeing this word SciVee.

I can’t summarise it any better than Deepak: “SciVee provides scientists, especially authors with a platform to essentially set up video podcasts, or as they call them, PubCasts, around a publication.” It’s built in partnership with PLoS, amongst others and provides channels for several PLoS journals.

Just got around to watching the featured pubcast, Structural Evolution of the Protein Kinase–Like Superfamily and I’m really impressed with the concept. SciVee is also discussed by Bora, John and Frank and is tagged at and technorati.

Of course, some scientists might be a bit shy about appearing in a video. This conjures up amusing images of young, photogenic Ph.D. students hiding from the PI with a newfound enthusiasm for videocasts.

4 thoughts on “SciVee: first impressions

  1. I wonder if public librarians will find this SciVee useful in helping students find resources to plan science fair experiments or to compare their own experiments with those of the professors.

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