Zotero word processor integration

Zotero have quietly released plugins for integration with OpenOffice, NeoOffice and the other commonly-used word processor.

There’s not much documentation yet. Here’s what I did for OpenOffice, Ubuntu/Feisty:

  1. Download and unzip the extension
  2. In OpenOffice go to Tools->Extension Manager->Add
  3. Locate the Zotero.oxt file and install
  4. Restart OpenOffice

You should now see a new menu like this:

Clicking on “insert citation” brings up your Zotero database. It’s a bit rough and ready just now with limited options, but definitely an exciting development.

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3 thoughts on “Zotero word processor integration

  1. My only big issue with Zotero is that it clobbers the labels on imported Bibtex citation lists. This breaks all the citations in my Tex documents. If they fixed this, I would be ready to uninstall Endnote and use Zotero as my main citation manager.

  2. Sick of reading about what Zotero might eventually do. It is not a cite as you write. It does not easily export to software that does, i.e., Endnote. It is not ready for the writing stage of research.

  3. Roger, I agree that Zotero currently leaves much to be desired as a citation tool, rather than just a reference scraper. However, the team make no secret about it being a work in progress and make a good job of keeping their userbase informed as to development. Remember, “release early, release often”. Remember too that this is free, open-source software developed by volunteers in their spare time, not a corporate effort.

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