More science social networking

I finally got around to experimenting with the NPG’s latest, Scintilla – not to be confused with the source code editor of the same name. It’s an impressive piece of work. I’m as yet undecided as to the best way to use it: invest a lot of effort to make it my “primary aggregator” or just dip in from time to time. Added a few of the usual suspects to my colleagues list and joined the usual groups.

On a related note: Nature Network allows import of your publications using DOI or PubMed UID. Batch import would be nice. Am I right in thinking that there’s a maximum of 10 publications and only the most recent are displayed? I’m not saying that’s a bad idea if so, but it’s not obvious and I didn’t see any documentation.

Finally: Nature Precedings seems to have started well with some excellent contributions. It’s notable that the bioinformatics category contains the most articles. I suspect that this is because (a) bioinformaticians are enlightened people and (b) they tend to have a lot of ideas that can’t find traditional publishing outlets for lack of experimental validation. Suicyte Notes has some thoughts on this topic.