“Junk” DNA story for today

‘Junk’ DNA makes compulsive reading

Whatever the truth, the results pose fresh puzzles about how genes work. “It would now take a very brave person to call non-coding DNA junk,” says Greally.

It would. So stop it, New Scientist. Putting the “junk” in quotation marks doesn’t distract us from the usage of the word.

The article is a summary of recent findings from the ENCODE project (ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements). More details in:

2 thoughts on ““Junk” DNA story for today

  1. The guy in my office works on “junk” DNA, I keep telling him it’s not headed anywhere, but he never listens.

    But seriously, mRNA has lots of features affecting it’s translation/degradation – codon adaptation, ribosomal density, length. Non coding DNA is a whole new kettle of fish without any of these constraints. Plus there’s more than one RNA polymerase in eukaryotes, so who’s doing what anyway?

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