Briefings in Bioinformatics special issue

Briefings in Bioinformatics is less well-known than the other bioinformatics/genomics journals, perhaps as there are only 6 issues a year, but it’s often worth a read.

The current issue is a special entitled “Knowledge Integration and Web Communities”, featuring 6 papers and focusing on semantic web technology. From one of the abstracts:

Scientists drove the early development of the World Wide Web, primarily as a means for rapid communication, document sharing and data access. They have been far slower to adopt the web as a medium for building research communities.

The articles don’t appear to be open access, unfortunately.

2 thoughts on “Briefings in Bioinformatics special issue

  1. It’s interesting that you included that specific quote from the journal as I’ve been pondering that issue a lot lately. What do you think are the necessary steps to driving such a medium? Or at least how to generate the necessary interest to address this issue? If you feel that such a dialogue is too long for online respone feel free to email me.

  2. I think time and the continued efforts of enthusiastic people are the only solutions to this problem. Research collaboration using the web is still a strange idea to many scientists. My personal opinion is that many successful, established independent scientists have been brought up in the tradition that all that matters in science is publications and grant applications. Anything else is seen as frivolous or tangential. Basically “I never had this web thing and it didn’t do my career any harm”.

    I also believe that there’s a whole new up-and-coming generation of young scientists who grew up with the web and they think differently. You can find them commenting here, writing their own blogs and contributing at social network sites such as Nodalpoint and Nature Network. That’s where the dialogue is at the moment.

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