Welcome changes at the PDB

I noticed this a few days ago over at Andrew’s blog – interesting new developments at the Protein Data Bank:

  • The wwPDB Remediation Project
    “The evolution of experimental methods, functional knowledge of proteins, and methods used to process PDB data has introduced inconsistencies into the archive. The wwPDB has remediated these data to create a more uniform archive.”
  • PDB WebServices Beta
    “Software developers can now write tools to communicate with the RCSB PDB resources using the web services framework.”
    Client examples for Java, Perl, Python and C/C++ are included. SOAP XML, as you’d expect.

PDB files are somewhat infamous amongst those of us who do a lot of parsing; it looks like the PDB is moving towards better standards, which is good news.

One thought on “Welcome changes at the PDB

  1. How did I possibly miss the new PDB webservices !?!! Thanks for the heads-up.

    It’s probably just me doing something stupid, but it seems the API docs don’t match the behaviour of some of the remote method calls (ie the “overloaded” blastPDB method) … but then it is in BETA, so a few rough edges are to be expected. Looks exciting, nonetheless.

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