Authorship now meaningless?

How’s this for a couple of multi-author papers?

Genome-Wide Association Analysis Identifies Loci for Type 2 Diabetes and Triglyceride Levels

A Genome-Wide Association Study of Type 2 Diabetes in Finns Detects Multiple Susceptibility Variants

I count 69 commas in the first author list, 269 in the second. People = #commas + 1 + 1 (for the “and last author”) = 71 and 271, respectively. And some of the names are consortia.

If you’re in there and I didn’t spot you, congratulations! Don’t tell me that author order means anything in this case though.

One thought on “Authorship now meaningless?

  1. Yes, these author lists are really impressive. I intended to do a little statistics on author list lengths in my blog series on heart disease and diabetes risk associations. In the end, I forgot to include it in my post. Anyway, the result is obvious: diabetes wins over heart disease, hands down.

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