A welcome surprise

I attended a departmental seminar today, entitled “drug discovery in tropical diseases” and given by Matthew Todd.

Much of the talk focused on the synthesis of praziquantel, a drug used to treat schistosomiasis. Interesting, though organic chemistry isn’t my strong point. However, it turns out that Matthew is one of the faces behind The Synaptic Leap and he devoted a few slides to TSL, Jean-Claude Bradley’s Useful Chemistry blog and the concept of open science.

This might be the first time in 7 years that I’ve heard anyone in Australia talk about open science in a university seminar. Note this day and may there be many more.

One thought on “A welcome surprise

  1. Matt was the first to comment on one of our ongoing chemistry experiments on UsefulChem and I always appreciated that. Yes I think that there will be much more discussion in academia about open science. We need both discussion and participation.

    Matt also has a nice review article about Open Source Science in Chemistry in Chemistry Central Journal.

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