4 thoughts on “Google Genomics?

  1. I am sure they are looking at it. I’ve heard from at least a couple of people in Bay area pharma/biotech companies of “discussions” with google. I am especially interested in Google using its experience in scaling and applying it to the whole bioinformatics/medical informatics space.

  2. The fact that this is the company of the wife of one of the Google founders makes the deal a bit murky. Also it looks like the money was mostly used to pay back a personal loan to husband. It would be great to see Google use their potential to do more for bioinformatics and personalized medicine but that could have done it in a more neutral way.

  3. Yes, I steered clear of the “Mrs Google” aspect but – conflict of interest anyone? This particular example does look more like a small, private business transaction than a serious attempt to break into genomics. Let’s hope that Google do have some aspirations to build tools for science.

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