Our pitiful broadband

The OECD currently ranks Australia’s broadband performance at 17th in the world based on the number of subscribers per 100 using an internet connection faster than 64Kbps, Market Clarity said.

Australia would immediately move up to 11th place based on raw subscribers numbers using a higher speed benchmark of 256Kbps, the firm said.

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So broadband penetration is measured by the number of subscribers to a particular plan? What this typically useless, biased article fails to mention is that broadband plans in Australia are pitiful in terms of speed and quotas seen in comparable countries. Since when did 256 Kbps even count as broadband?

So much for “market clarity”.

4 thoughts on “Our pitiful broadband

  1. I wonder why Australia is so behind the times?

    Part infrastructure, part population distribution. I’d guess that a lot of people are on 512/128 plans here. Several companies offer ADSL2+ (allegedly up to 24000/1000, but only if you live in the exchange). We have an aged, crumbling copper network, large sprawling cities and an extensive rural population. So you can get reasonable (but below par) service in the heart of a metro area but elsewhere is difficult. This is actually shaping up to be an election issue – though when the time comes it will all hinge on tax cuts, as usual.

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